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Sharon B. Cohen  -  Your Career Manager! 

Short term, solution-focused career coaching for busy professionals. Get virtual career coaching from the comfort of your home! 

 Over the past 10 years, I've provided executive, career coaching to MBA students in a University setting and for an array of professional clients in my private practice. I love helping people define their personal brand, customize their LinkedIn profile and launch new careers! 

In addition to working with job seekers, I also support the hiring managers and recruiters who are seeking new staff. I observe their hiring patterns and hear first hand about their preferences in resumes, interviews etc.  This has given me unique insight about how to help candidates get their foot in the door and brand themselves for success. 

To learn more about my career coaching services or business workshops, you can contact me at 

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Career Coaching Services and Pricing

Career Coaching Packages:  4 hours of custom career coaching 1 to 1 (phone or Skype) per package. Each of the career packages below costs $400.00 USD. Additional fee for online, career testing for the Career Exploration package only. 

Career Packages 4 hours each:
  • Executive Careers: Personal Branding for Career Advancement
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization: for business professionals
  • College to Career: Plan your Career
  • New Directions: Career Testing & Exploration
  • Career Transition:  launch your Job-Search
  • Advanced Interviews & Salary Negotiation
Contact me to get an estimate for custom keynote presentations, staff training workshops and recruiting support.

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 NCDA   National Career Development Association
NCDA ID# #179358 -  Regular Member
Division of ACA - American Counseling Association
College and University Counselors - Interest Group
Regular Member Feb 2011- present

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 United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association 
CPRP Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner ID# 178823
Awarded by: "The Certificate Commission for Psychiatric Rehabilitation of the United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association" (USPRA)   

Left click to view USPRA Code of Ethics  Sharon abides by the American Psychiatric Rehabilitation Code of Ethics for Counseling Practice. Her work include both career counseling and clinical counseling.

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