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(Interview Coaching)
  • Sharon, I accepted the offer! It looks like a great company and I like the people I'd be working with. Thank you so much for your interview assistance. Your insight  was the difference!          B. Walker Business Management Professional
(Job Search Stategy Coaching)
  •  I've received an offer for a job in IT audit and compliance from Lexisnexis. I was called for the interview after leaving my resume with their representative at the fall Career Expo. I'm thrilled to have a position in my field nine months prior to graduation! Thank you for encouraging me and for all of your hard work.  Amy L. MS Information Systems
(Global Job Search Coaching)
  • Do all the stuff Sharon tells you to do! I just received 3 Global Internship offers and chose the best one. Develop your online presence, network, job search using multiple channels, talk to everyone and meet with promising contacts each week. Prioritize: I spent 2-3 hours a day for 3-4 months. Rebecca J (MIB) Masters of International Business
(Career Strategy and Interview Skills coaching)
  • Sharon, I accepted an offer yesterday from Lowe's for the Human Resource Manager position! I wanted to thank you for the information you shared with me during my career counseling sessions. It was all very helpful. I appreciate the time you spent with me before my interview. I am very excited about my new position! Amy R. MS Human Resources
(Job Fair Coaching, Resume Writing)
  • Sharon, I'd like to thank you for all the guidance that you have provided in making me standout at the Career Expo. Recruiters really liked the way my resume was tailored and especially liked my digital business cards (It was a great conversation starter). Thank you again for your guidance. Vaibhav C. MS CIS 
(Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Coaching)
  • Sharon rewrote my resume and cover letter and coached me on interviews. I have had 8 interviews in ten days! Within 2 weeks of working with her, I received an offer for an internship with my dream employer, Newell Rubermaid!!! Caleb S., Founder of What Now, Atlanta blogsite.
(Career Goal setting, Resume and Interview Coaching)
  • Thanks for your kind words and the wonderful advice you have shared with me. If we only had "thirty" of you at the Careeer Management Center, everyone would have a chance to see what a great asset you are for the College. Thanks for being so committed to the Robinson students. Marteen B. (MPA) Masters Professional Accountancy
(Interview and Job Search Strategy Coaching)
  • Dear Ms. Cohen: I'm a student from the Actuarial Science program and had a mock interview with you last December. I just got good news from MARC (Munich America Reinsurance Company) that they decided to offer me the summer internship for 2010. I really wanna give you my gratitude for this because you taught me so much about the logic of answering interview questions, thinking up examples and being confident. Thank you very much and hope to talk to you later. by Z. Chen MS Actuarial Science Graduate
Professional Career Workshops: (in the business community)

(Job Search Hidden Job Market, Networking & Interview workshop)
  • Getting up early on a Saturday AM was not something I was looking forward to. But within 15 minutes of listening to Sharon Cohen's "Stand out from the Crowd, Access the Hidden Job Market!" I realized it was worth the trip. This was an outstanding presentation that generated a lot of questions. 
  • I learned a lot from it and have already started reviewing my approach to developing solutions to meet employer's needs. Some of my Healthcare LinkedIn participation is slowly generating responses and I plan to accelerate that. All in all it was a very worth while AM and I'm happy to see that more of Sharon's presentation's will be available to the Atlanta CAREERS group. Her work adds great value to the job search. David Wallace , Independent Business Consultant
  • Hello, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for organizing such a fantastic event and giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. It was truly a wonderful experience and I do look forward to many more such opportunities. Kudos and thank you. Sahil J. Global Partners MBA, hired by UPS Singapore Division

  • Sharon, I came away from your seminar on the Hidden Job Market with a couple of strong take-aways; volunteering at association events particularily introducing speakers and schedule and cold calling your target market which makes very good sense for someone in a sales occupation. I would like to experience another of your seminars directed towards the contact phase, action phase and informational interview. Thank you. T. Kettering, Finance Professional 
  •  Hello Sharon, You didn't have a seminar evaluation for "Discovering the Hidden Job Market", so I felt compelled to send you a quick e-mail telling you how much I enjoyed the seminar... It's clear that you know your speciality area very well. I was quite impressed with everything I heard. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!! by Angela Kittrell Sharon's Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert.
  • You did a wonderful job on Saturday at the Refocus on Careers workshop. It was very informative and it gives me some hope that I will be able to find a new job in time with patience and effort! T. Partin
  • “Sharon and her husband, Mark, provided an in-depth career workshop on accessing the hidden job market which I attended. In just a few hours, I had a wealth of information that will help me refocus my career strategy going forward.” by Trista McGlamery hired Sharon B. as a Career Coach. Sharon's Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Good Value
  •  I thought I'd shoot you a quick email about a success I experienced as a direct result of your presentation last week. I took your advice and utilized LinkedIn to search for Real Estate Consulting Services, in Atlanta. I was able to find the contact info for the Area Director for Ernst and Young. Per your advice, I emailed him and asked if he could spare a few minutes for an informational interview and he agreed! Thanks again for speaking to my class; given the current economic environment, the timing was perfect and the information presented was very valuable.A. Chopra. MSRE candidate class of 2010.
Business Career Workshops for Real Estate Professionals @ Georgia State University - MBA
  • Thanks for your follow up to your workshop. I will mention the specific career tips in tomorrow's class. In the meantime, we continue to see positives from your presentation. J. Diaz Director Real Estate Dept, Robinson College, GSU
  • Many thanks again for your outstanding presentation to our class this past week. the 16 Real Estate students who were fortunate to be in class that day benefited greatly from your insightful information and handouts on job hunting. I hope to have you back again next year! Phil Curtis Real Estate Professor at GSU and Partner at Matteson Partners Inc.
 Business Career Workshop on EEOC/ADA for Human Resource Professionals @ GSU
  • Many thanks for the wonderful, wonderful job you did with our students this afternoon, your presentation was full of relevant information and it was a pleasure to listen to you. The students were intrigued and we all learned a lot about Career Services and disability issues. I hope we can do this again soon. You have a great rapport with students and you have so much good information to share. We really appreciate you and the talents you bring to Robinson. L. McLurg Director of of the Human Resource Dept, and Beebe Institute of HR at GSU.
Recruiters & Employers (Various Projects)
Virtual & Online Coaching Services  (Global Careers)
  • Hello Sharon, Once again, thank you for your kind and prompt response to my messages. I find your Blog a treasure trove of information. Thank you for a truly valuable service! Akin A. MIB International Business
Recruiters  Collaboration & Individual Advising 
  • “Sharon's interest in both acquiring and sharing her knowledge is exceptional. She's an excellent networking contact, freely sharing new sources and coming up with creative solutions to employment/staffing issues. Her knowledge of academia and the business world, coupled with her international/global perspectives provide a 'Big Picture' capability. The ability to then 'drill down' to address a specific issue makes her a rare and valued networking colleague! Coupled with strong analytical skills, she's a great sounding board as well as 'source'. Beyond the 'technical' skills, she has impeccable integrity and a refreshing sincerity in dealing with others.” by Mark Thrapp, Executive Recruiter
Panel Interview for Counseling Candidates
  • Ms. Cohen, Thank you for speaking with me on Friday regarding the Career Counseling position. I enjoyed reading your entries on MyCareerManager blog. As I continue to grow professionally, I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and the other staff in this endeavor. K. Ertzming
Social Media Consult & Careers page (Global Atlanta website)  
  • Dear Sharon, Many thanks for meeting with us, the Global Atlanta team. We very much appreciated your insights as we proceed forward with our Human Resources page. Phil Bolton, Publisher (Online International News Services) 
Director of the Metro Employment Network of Atlanta (MENA)  
  • Sharon B Cohen is totally committed to whatever she does with enthusiasm, energy and passion as well as compassion! by Rebecca Buck, Vocational Employment Trainer , Northside Hospital, Treasurer of MENA
MBA Executive Career Coaching and Recruiter Event 
  •  Sharon, it was great to meet you on Friday. This is the third time that I have participated in Robinson's Executive Coaching sessions and I have enjoyed each event. The students come well prepared with targeted questions. by John Long, Two Roads Resources, Executive Career Coach.
  • Sharon, I am really grateful to you for having given me this opportunity to meet a coach. John was amazing. He truly changed my way of thinking in this short meeting. I can't wait to adopt the new approach and reap the benefits. I would like to thank you once again for going out of your way and scheduling this session after the last one didn't work out. by Navneet A.  Robinson College MBA 
  • Dear Sharon, thank you once again for the hospitality today, as I represented UPS as one of your executive coach participants. It was nice to meet you and your hospitality arrangements were appreciated. I am certain that our Director will coordinate our feedback and that today's participants can receive our reactions. Jeff Wilson, UPS VP Asia Division

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