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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Career Coaching is a key component for success for many business professionals.  Join me and reach your career potential!

1. What’s the difference between virtual coaching and face to face coaching?

 You'll find the best counselor regardless of geography
 • You can avoid driving and parking hassles.
 • You won't accidentally run into your boss  and it's
anonymous and confidential.

 • You don't need time off of work. I offer evening and weekend session times.

2. What do I need? I am not technologically savvy...

Most of clients choose a phone or SKYPE format session use a regular phone or use SKYPE phone on your computer.. 

3. How can I get started?

Contact me directly. Call 404 791 0848 or email As an ethical provider, if your needs are outside of my scope of my expertise, I will provide a referral.

4. How long will it take?

My services are short-term and solution focused (4-6 sessions are the average). However, this depends on the complexity of your career concerns. Each advising package is customized to address clients unique needs. (About and Services)

5. How effective is Virtual Coaching and Why?

Research has found that Virtual Counseling is more effective, than face to face counseling for many clients. Clients are more relaxed and are more open and honest in an anonymous, virtual setting.

6. What happens when my monthly package is complete?

I have an open door policy.  Many clients like to book an annual career tune up which includes several sessions, to ensure their career is progressing well. Some common reasons to return for more advising; a new promotion/assignment, a performance review, new interview, lay-off or for an annual. "career tune-up."

 7. How can I choose a “Virtual Coach or Counselor”? What should I ask?

Do your due diligence. A virtual professional should have all the same credentials as a traditional professional. Check out their online profile on the LinkedIn business site. 

• Is your counselor experienced and licensed? Who are their typical clients (age, gender, diversity, education, industry). 

•Is your counselor working with both job seekers and recruiters? If you career counselor is only working with job seekers, they may lose touch with employers'  needs 


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