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Top 10 Career Posts - Reader's Choice Awards

Online Job-Board: Friend or Foe?
Is your resume lost in outer space? Is the terrain of a modern job search - alien to you? Forget outer space, the job boards are the final frontier...

What is your Stage of Identity Development? The Increasing Globalization of the Workplace.
Who are you? What is your Cultural Identity? What is your stage of Identity Development and how can this impact your career? How adept at working with diverse people and/or for a Global Employer?

What are your Strengths and Weakness: Conduct a SWOT Analysis.
What are your Strengths and Weakness: conduct a SWOT Analysis to find out! “What are your strengths and weakness?” This question creates more fear in the heart of job seekers, than any other. Most people dread this question and also don't understand the psychology behind it...

Career Transition Confusion? 7 Types of Psychological Motivation...
• Are you in Career Transition? • Confused about your career direction? • What career will make you happy? • What are your extrinsic and intrinsic needs and your unmet needs?

Gen X "The Sandwich Generation" 10 Strategic Hiring Decisions.
• In your 30’s-early 40's and feel your career has stalled? • None of the standard workplace incentives motivate you? Are you part of Generation X?

Negotiate Salary like a Pro: Know your BATNA, Resistance Point and Opening Offer.
• Can you negotiate for a better salary during a recession? • What is your BATNA and Resistance Point? • Who makes the Opening Offer?.

The Career Skills Triangle - Essential Marketing for your Career Transition.
Planning a Career Transition, but don't know where to start? Heard about Personal Branding, but unsure how it applies to you? Wondering how to sell your skills, in an overcrowded market?

Cover Letter Fashions: What's Hot, What's Not!
Is your Cover Letter unfashionable? Does the thought of writing a cover letter – put dread in your heart? Would you rather get a root canal than write a cover letter?

Career Courage - Learn to be Imperfect: Move Forward with your Career.
Do you feel stuck, trapped and confused about your career direction? Are you running out of career ideas and job postings to explore?

How the Hidden Job Market Found Me! Pull Method of Marketing.
These days everyone is trying to find job-leads, find sales-leads, find any kind of lead! However, if you use the “pull method” of marketing...

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