Modern Job-Search: New Twists on Tradition (Success Story)

•Has job searching become a monstrous task?

• Wonder which techniques to use and which are dead as a doornail?

• Want to hear a modern, job-search, success story?

One of the MBA professionals I coach, just received 3 offers! Her job-search success story will inspire you!

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This weekend, I hosted a Halloween brunch, a Halloween dinner party and provided candy, hot-apple cider and popcorn to 76 neighborhood children and their parents! I keep track of my Trick or Treaters’ each year, so I can estimate how much candy to buy. It is reassuring and amazing that so many Halloween traditions remain in tact; the costumes, the rabid-excitement and the candy. As a Gen Xer generation child I was given a costume and plastic face-mask (now banned for children) sent out with my friends and told to come home by 10pm! Times have changed.

This year on my street there were some new ‘traditions.’ From the vantage point of my front porch (about 15 feet above street level) I saw a limousine and a stretch, Hummer ferrying children from house to house! This was a first. Each year there are more and more children who come to my in-town, Atlanta neighborhood. It's sad that some streets are no longer safe. Another new ‘tradition’ for Halloween safety is the use of LED flashlights and/or night-vision goggles. Some children now wear GPS wrist bands to navigate from street to street and this allows their parents to track their exact location online. Talk about Helicopter parents...

Who cares you ask? My point is that job-search and Halloween still maintain some old-time traditions. However, there are many new twists and turns. Some old job-search methods are new again for a new generation; networking, cold calling, info interviewing etc. There are many new traditions, especially as it relates to social media, virtual job search and global job search. Even Career Counseling has gone virtual. You need to keep up, to be competitive.

I'd like to share the true story of one of my MBA students who I've coached throughout her program. Of note: she also attended my career workshops, read my online articles, cold called and networked more than the average job-seeker. Though I recommend 3 hours a week of active, job search if you are employed or in school - she did much more. The work has paid off and she just received 3 global internship offers. This is amazing since a global job search is much more complex than a local or national one. Also, receiving multiple offers these days is a major accomplishment. She was also inspired by my posts Career Direction; Cast Adrift in a Challenging Economy and How The Hidden Job Market Found Me Pull Method Of Marketing Below is a summary of her personal, job search tips.

Modern Job-Search Strategy 

1.Conduct a strategic, job-search and use multiple, marketing channels. If you are looking for global opportunities work with AIESEC, QS Global and LinkedIn (global groups). This ensures that you always have new leads rolling in.

2. Network. That means do all the stuff Sharon (this writer) tells you to do! Educate yourself about how to conduct a modern, job search. Meet with employers at live, networking events. Squeeze in lunch appointments with promising contacts each week. If people can't meet for lunch get them on the phone. Face to face will always be better if you can get it.

3. Talk to everyone. It's unbelievable how many people are willing to help. They have to know what you're up to in order to help. Talk to people who have done what you want to do or people who have advised those people. Look out for the interests of your contacts and they will look out for you.

4. Prioritize your time. If you know what you want, you can go and get it. I spent probably 2 hours or more each day for 3-4 months hustling to get the opportunity I accepted. During my negotiation week, sealing the deal was my main priority. In order to get job opportunities there are some sacrifices and trade offs you'll have to make.

5. Promote yourself online (Pull Marketing). Remember that in the age of the internet there is no privacy. Everything you do all the time may end up photographed and uploaded to the internet. Act accordingly.

7. Read about salary negotiations and your Opening OfferBATNA and Employment Contracts. Check out a  book called “Getting to Yes.” A strategic job search will provide multiple offers and then you can choose the best offer (BATNA).

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