Wait - Don't Apply for that Job! Job Task Analysis - Secrets of Recruiters.

Don't apply for that job, until you read this post! Make sure that you're REALLY qualified.

Let me walk you through a professional, job-task analysis. Understand what the employer really wants in a candidate when they write the job description.

As a Career Transition Specialist, I broker between employers and candidates. I assist business' with recruitment, job postings, and even pre-screening candidates upon request.

Ask yourself if you meet at least 8/10 of the core criteria within a job posting - before applying. Then, do a ton of research on the company itself, the department, the managers and their market share. Craft a custom cover cover letter.

Below is a typical MBA job.

Finance Director .

This section describes the key roles and responsiblities you will need to have - if you are hired.

1. Manage external financial reporting to banks and investor group. This is listed first! The top 5 skills are essential to success and you must have demonstrated these skills in a previous roles.

2. Provide education and training to senior management on important accounting issues.

3. Ensure company compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and governmental regulations. What is your knowledge of local, national and global regulatory principles in your industry? How competitive are you?

4. Deferred tax accounting

5. Stock based compensation accounting (sub-speciality within Finance)

6. Work with external auditors

7. Coordinate quarterly review with bank group (Can you be trusted to work with C-Suite professionals, do you manage up accordingly? Level of professional appearance, dress, demeanor, grammar etc)

8 Formulate cash management, investment and other financial policies

9. Execute acquisitions, divestitures or joint ventures  (sub-speciality within Finance)

10. Work with external auditors

11. Preparation of reports which summarize and forecast business activities and financial position

12. Comply with regulatory and bank reporting requirements (Do you have a track record with this particular skill set? Do you have related skills?)

13. Establish accounting policies and procedures

14. Oversee activities of cash management and tax administration

15. SOX documentation and compliance work (Do you understand the Acronyms in the posting? ie: SOX)

16. Apply financial perspective and analysis for business decisions

17. Maintain and cultivate banking relationships

18. Recommend cash management policies

19. Review sales and use and property tax accounts

Your Education will get you in the door, but it won't close the deal. That is up to you!

Education/Certification: Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance -- CPA Required -- MBA Desired (Realistically, MBA's would have an advantage over BBA applicants. Also, with the CPA requirement, this is somewhat of a hybrid role between Accounting and Finance).

Required Knowledge:
Background skills which are essential for success. 
  • Solid understanding of financial analysis and statistics
  • Strong treasury background (This criteria may weed out about 70% of the applicants who think they are qualified, but really are not)
  • Familiarity with cash/bank management systems
  • Knowledge of capital markets, accounting, finance and tax (Could you answer in-depth interview questions about this topic?)
  • MS office applications
 Experience Required:
You will be analysed in terms of your experience and will be asked in-depth questions about this.

  • Eight to 10 years of relevant experience (Note: you will be competing w. applicants who have more experience than this, 8 years is a bare minimum. Are you qualified?)
  • SEC reporting (Do you have this experience?)
  • Treasury workstation and bank software experience a plus
  • Budgeting and financial modeling experience
These are core interpersonal skills needed to navigate the corporate culture. Pay particular attention to the rank order of this section. The tops "skills" reflect what the organization values and pays for. 
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Time management and organization skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong Accounting and Analytical skills
  • Organization skills
Do you carefully analyze each position to determine suitability? Or are you what we call in recruitment circles a "random applicant." You'd be amazed how many otherwise intelligent people lose their common sense when it comes to job search. For many industry insiders, we all know each other. We may share stories of how candidates behaved. Ensure that you analyze yourself from a Recruiters' perspective. If you are not sure you can be objective, ask your career advisor! Have that candid conversation about what you can do to improve your "personal brand" and increase your desirablity in the job-search arena.

Again, ask yourself: Does this job suit me? Am I a strong candidate? Is the particular company, division, and unit a good fit for you? If not, move on. If so, then begin your plan of attack, research and become a "stellar applicant."
Author: © 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Sharon B. Cohen, MA,CPRP, NCDA. Virtual Career Counselor and Career Transition Specialist.

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  1. I needed to hear this. Much of it is a "hard truth", but it is the kick-in-the-butt that I occasionally need as I prepare to re-enter the job market.

    After being laid off two years ago, my discipline has been dissipating. I've unfortunately become that random applicant who struggles with brand AND time management.

    If you ever develop a pill to painlessly speed up the process of becoming a professional adult again, please SHARE IT!!!!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Love the humor! Hope this blogsite offers the career "jumpstart" you are seeking.

    Sharon C
    Your Career Manager

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  4. I appreciate your support! Maintaining and updating this career blog is a labor of love. My readers and fans keep me motivated.

    Sharon C (Career Manager)