A Resume is not Enough: Personal Branding and Social Media

A standard, paper resume is not enough to attract recruiters attention!
Would you like a competitive advantage in the job search game?

 Learn about LinkedIn the best social media tool for business networking and business job search!

Social Media is here and here to stay! A resume is not enough to get you noticed, not by a long shot.
This year I attended the annual, MBA Careeer Services Conference in Seattle Washington. At the conference, I was invited to present. My topic was "Beyond Resumes, Personal Branding and Social Media. My workshop was well attended and the participants included MBA career counselors, coaches, business professionals, recruiters and business career vendors. During the discussion portion of the workshop the participants discussed the impact of social media on the MBA job search. 

An informal poll conducted during my workshop revealed that the majority of attendees  recommend LinkedIn as the number one social media tool for MBA job seekers. LinkedIn is arguably the most credible and popular business networking site to date. Thus, many business schools are teaching students how to use LinkedIn, providing social media audits for students. Additionally, I would argue that social media is also a great tool to alert students to career expo's, provide job search resources and network with the employer community.
Prior to the recession MBA students from top business schools could easily secure jobs from on- campus recruiting events. Now business students must conduct an active job which includes live and online networking. LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most effective Web 2.0 job search and networking tools. According to Bloomberg Business News; although LinkedIn is a much smaller social network that Facebook or Twitter, it is arguably the most credible business network online.”

LinkedIn Corp has 1,000+ employees and 90 million users in more than 200 countries. It is now the second largest social network online (after Facebook). According to Business Insider, LinkedIn is the first prominent US social networking company to test publicly just how hungry investors are for Web 2.0 companies. 

The headlines all confirm this major, platform change in business recruiting practices. In a recent post by the site 24/7 Wallstreet,, LinkedIn’s hiring solutions are transforming the talent acquisition market by providing unique access not only to active job seekers but also to passive candidates who are not actively looking to change jobs. Many would claim that LinkedIn is threatening Monster.com’s supremacy in the online, job-search world. Top business schools are integrating social media job search into their regular, recruiting events.

LinkedIn has offered paid membership subscriptions for the past 7 years. This provides recruiters with more functionality, more search depth and more access to candidates. Thus, LinkedIn represents a direct method of sourcing potential candidates and enables recruiters to bypass the old-fashioned, 3rd party job-boards. Recruiters have multiple methods of finding candidates on this site such as: the advanced search functions, posting jobs in LinkedIn groups,  and leveraging their network for candidate referrals. Also, LinkedIn is a great way to review potential hires and learn about them prior to ever contacting them.

Thus, a standard resume is not enough! If you are in business, you will need to create an online, LinkedIn profile and resume. Use LinkedIn to build your network, join and contribute to industry groups, follow employers of interest and connect to MBA recruiters!

Stay tuned for my upcoming workshops at MBA CSC 2013. I have 2 workshops planned. The first workshop will be Part II - Beyond Resumes and the other workshop will be on Social Media Audits for job seekers.

Author: © 2013 - All Rights Reserved - Sharon B. Cohen, MA,CPRP, NCDA. Virtual Career Counselor and Career Transition Specialist.
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