Access the Hidden Job Market today!

Ever wonder why you never see any good jobs online?

· Tired of filling out countless job applications, only to be ignored?
· Less than 20% of your total job search should be spent on job boards, applying online etc...
· 85% of jobs are never advertised online or in the paper – they are in the Hidden Job Market.

Accessing the Hidden Job Market successfully requires a shift in mindset and a significant change in strategy. Giving up old patterns and assumptions is not easy. If you are only applying part of an effective strategy, you are unlikely to get your desired result. Your chain is only as strong as the weakest link.
So how can you get all the puzzle pieces AND the support you need to put them together?
Back by popular demand “Accessing the Hidden Job-Market" advising package. Individual instruction by Sharon B. Cohen "your career manager.
Contact for a career menu. View details about the "Hidden Job Market" package.


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