100th Blog Post and Blogiversary for My Career Manager!

Readers, thank you for following my posts over the years. Help me celebrate my 100th blog post and Blogiversary!!!
It's hard to fathom that I've written 100 blog posts on My Career Manager Blogsite. For me, this is especially meaningful since I was an accidental blogger. In 2008 I was discovered online. Someone had been following my activity and comments on various LinkedIn groups. They felt that I had a 'voice' and something interesting to say.

I was invited to guest blog for their online career website. I agreed without fully understanding all the technicalities and how much work would be involved. But, I loved it from the start and am so glad that I began blogging! As the solo writer on this site, it has been my pleasure to share ideas and career motivation with my readers. Many of my blog posts were inspired by friends, family, students and clients.

To celebrate this blogiversary,  I went out with family and friends for a lovely sushi dinner.  I took this time to reflect on my experiences as an online writer. At first, I was a guest blogger for one site, then this grew to requests to become a regular, blogger for many other national, career websites. This lead to an opportunity to author a Global MBA Career chapter. The culmination of all of this writing was the launch of my own site - MyCareerManager. It was much more challenging to set up, build and manager a full blogsite. All the while, I was learning and growing and having fun.

Recently, I was at the Global MBA Career Services Conference. I was reminded of why I do this, why I invest so much time an energy in research and writing. At a workshop I attended, all the participants introduced themselves. When I introduced my name, the person seated to my right exclaimed "are you Sharon B. Cohen?" Since my name is so common, I use my middle initial for all of my professional work and online work. The person on my right was a long-time reader of this blogsite and was excited to meet me. I was just as excited to meet a real life reader and fan. Wow, what a surprise!

I'd encourage all of my readers to learn and grow and to challenge themselves in achieving their goals. Readers, I'd love to hear how you stay motivated and what inspires you. Post your comments on this article.

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