Birth Order and the Workplace: What is your personality?

 What is your birth order? 
How does this come into play at your job?

Our birth order is part of who we are. It follows us and informs our behavior in multiple settings. 

First born: adored and expected to conform to their parents wishes, they are often conventional, and hardworking. 

Second-born: always feels behind and feels like they have to catch up. They are in competition with their older sibling and but are unable to match the elder sibling’s skills. They learn to demand attention and recognition through originality and rebellion to get their parents' attention. They may develop skill in areas where the elder sibling has not excelled. 

A second-born who is five or six years older than the elder sibling may feel and behave as though he or she were a second-born, an only child, an eldest child, a middle child, or any combination of the four, depending on the interactional dynamics of the family as a whole (Leong, Hartung, Goh, & Gaylor, 2001).

A key point in the consideration of birth order is that it is the child’s experience of his position within the family that is important, rather than the actual order in which the child was born. You may be born in a particular chronological birth order, however you may have a different 'psychological' birth order. 

How does your birth order influence you at home, life and work?

Author: © 2013 - All Rights Reserved – Sharon B. Cohen, MA, Dip.Educ, CPRP.MBA Career Counselor and Career Transition Specialist 

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