SEO Search Engine Optimize Your Resume: 5 Tips to Find Keywords!

Want to be part of the "yes" piles of resumes?

Learn how to attract hits from the Applicant Tracking Software (used by most job boards).

Use “keywords" to boost your search engine rankings and attract recruiters!

Get your Resume to the top of the pile!

1. Conduct informational interviews with industry contacts. What buzzwords are they using? What skills sets come up as “must have” over and over during your meetings?

2. What hot topics appear in your industry newsletters, online sites? What topics are experts in your industry presenting at national, trade conferences? Stay involved in your industry’s trade associations, events, lectures etc. It is as important to stay current, while you are employed, as when you are not. These days there isn’t any job security.

3. Job Descriptions: Go to the major job-boards, type in the job titles you are interested in. Read at least 5-8 the job descriptions, very carefully. Are there any trends? Do all of them ask for 2-3 specific skills? What does that mean for your eligibility as a candidate? Do you meet the criteria?

4. Review job postings and online advertisements for your industry: Check out at least 5 postings. What are the key words used? What skills are the employers asking for? How is this worded?

5. Check out the major search engines (Google, Yahoo). Review articles about your field. How do they describe jobs in your field? Use all of this knowledge to glean key words. Customize and target your resume by incorporating these key words. Don't give us on your unique career goals!

Keep me posted! Let me know how these tips have helped you...

Author: © 2014 - All Rights Reserved – Sharon B. Cohen, MA, Dip.Educ, CPRP. MBA Career Counselor and Career Transition Specialist

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  2. Hi David,

    With the right resume, you can go anywhere! Best wishes for continued career success.

    Your career manager,

    Sharon C.

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  4. Jannat,

    Thank you. I love hearing from my readers!

    Sharon C (Career Manager)

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