LinkedIn Recommendations: Easy steps to get noticed!

Increasingly, employers are assessing the quality of candidates based on their LinkedIn profile. Recently, one of my employer-partners weeded out job applicants based on whether or not they had any LinkedIn recommendations! You will not get a second chance to make a first impression. Are you prepared?

Ideally, you will need recommendations which are tied directly to each of the jobs which you have listed on your profile. 5 is a minimum number of LinkedIn recommendations for profile credibility.  I've put together instructions for this. Think about who knows you well and would be able to recommend you. Additionally, who can you support with a recommendation. It is fair for a reference to ask you to reciprocate.

Instructions for writing a LinkedIn Recommendation:
1. Click the My Connections link (part of the Contacts set of links) from the top navigation bar of any page.

2. Select the person you’re recommending from the connections list that appears..

3. Click the Recommend This Person link to the right of her name and photo.

4.  Select a category for that person. For instance, link your recommendation to their current job.

5. Choose an option describing how you know this person: 
·    Colleague: You worked together at the same company.
·    Service Provider: You hired the person to provide a service to you or your company.
·    Business Partner: You worked with the person but not as a client or colleague.
·    Student: You went to school with the person, either as a fellow student or as a teacher.

6. Click the Go button. Then, the create your recommendation page appears.

7. Write the Recommendation in the Written Recommendation field.

8. Review your Recommendation before you post it. Watch for spelling or grammatical errors.

9. Click Send.
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