Business Careers: Job-Search Quiz!

This month, I shared a true story of one of my business clients who received multiple, job offers. This can be you!

How are you doing in your job search? Take my quiz and rate yourself.

Are there job search tools which you'd like to learn more about?
Sharon's Job Search Quiz

Rate the items on the list below using this 5 point scale. Access whether you know what the item means and your current level of proficiency. Any of the topics below would lend themselves to career coaching with a job search professional.

1 What does this mean?  2 Vaguely Familiar 3 Can Define it, 4 Can do this task well, 5 Excellent
  1. Leads List
  2. Cold Calls
  3. Intercultural Competency and International IQ
  4. Social Media Job-Search
  5. Networking (live and online)
  6. Job-task analysis
  7. Global Executives 
  8. Behavioral Interviews
  9. SWOT Analysis
  10. Career Fit
  11. Career Risk
  12. Verbal Business Card
  13. Industry Job Function (in a career context)
  14. Professional Reputation
  15. Career Values, Vision and Competencies
  16. Personal Branding 
  17. Positioning Statement

  18. Career Action Plan
  19. Interview Performance,
  20. Mock Interviews & Informational Interviews
  21. Professional Paper-tools: Cover Letters, Reference Sheets, Resumes
  22. Salary Negotiations
  23. Career Fair Evaluation Scale
  24. Retained vs Contingency Recruiters
  25. Career Frustration and Confusion!
  26. Career Transition Plan
Interpreting your Score
Score of 100-125 *(Excellent! Why are you reading this article? You are already an expert)

Score of 75-100 (Very good overall knowledge. You will want to drill down on particular areas where you are lacking.

Score of 50-75 You could benefit from career coaching. There are some blind spots and room for improvement. The lack of job search knowledge may be stalling your career progression (for a promotion or new job)

Less than 50 You need career coaching in particular areas of difficulty. (IE: you may have challenges digging up unique, job leads which suit you, trouble competing effectively at 2nd round interviews, or trouble with career progression at your current company).

An experienced career coach can take the fear and guesswork out of your job search and help you find a job faster! Drop me a line.

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