Free Labor Market Data: Check out the Occupational Outlook!

  • Have you ever wondered if you should jump ship?
  • How does your current industry and job compare to your desired career?
  • Don't take this risk until you do your research. Check out the job projections and industry growth in your desired field.

Read on to access the FREE labor-market data for the USA. It will help your career! If you like my article, upload a comment and I'll post it.
As a professional, career counselor, I'm often asked about labor market data and which skills are in demand. I help clients interpret the labor market trends and make informed decisions.

One of the tools that I use is the  American Occupational Outlook database. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes an e-book each year called Occupational Outlook Handbook

 Here is a screenshot of the homepage. This site is very easy to navigate.
 Under Occupation Groups - I clicked on "Business." It provided an alphabetical list of careers in this industry with descriptions, data and most importantly salary! This data is available for almost every category of job.

 It has a robust search section. I'd encourage you to search by Pay, Education Level, Number of Jobs Projected, Growth Rate and Opportunities for On the Job Training. How fantastic to get all of this data at your fingertips!

Find your job description and mine for nouns to add to your list.

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Best wishes with your career research and job search!

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