5 Reasons to Get a Career Tune-Up Today!

How do I know if I need a Career Tune up?

  • Are you currently dealing with change?
  • Do you lack a career focus?
  • Are you considering alternative, career options?
  • Do you plan to job search?
  • Are you currently looking for a new job?
 If you answered yes, to any of these questions you could benefit from a career tune-up. Most clients do not need long-term, career counseling which can drag on for months or even years! Instead, I advocate short-term, solution-focused career, tune-ups.

A career tune up is very similar to an exercise tune-up. An experienced personal trainer is just like an experienced, career coach. Both individuals can motivate you, help you develop an effective routine, provide structure and accountability, address your unique needs and help you reach your goals faster. Remember, the weekly expense of being out of work far, far outweighs what a short-term, solution-focused, career tune-up will cost. Additionally, an ethical counselor will teach you how to manage your career, not just provide short-term answers. After a career tune up, you will be much better equipped to to job search and/or deal with career challenges. Client testimonials.

 Over the past 15 years of counseling, I have provided career tune-up sessions and practical, job search training to thousands of clients. Clients prefer a hands-on, short-term approach. This is so popular, that I have packaged my services to reflect a “career tune-up style.” Many of my career tune-ups are monthly packages of 4-8 sessions of virtual career counseling. I customize the career sessions for each clients’ unique needs and provide specific career education and homework assignments between sessions. An annual, career tune up is also very popular. Clients may reconnect with me for a session or two and ensure they are staying on track with their long-term, career goals.

Note: the shorter the number of sessions to achieve your goals, the more experienced the counselor will need to be. There are a variety of topics which lend themselves to career tune ups such; career testing and exploration, developing a career focus, job search, creating a resume and interviewing. Career Tune-up Packages.

5 Career Tune-ups for your Career Needs
1. Dealing With Change: Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you want to transition to a new field? If so you can use a tune up to debrief about career changes and/or plan a transition. During this first stage, you will choose a counselor and get to know them. The counselor builds the counseling relationship by providing unconditional positive regard, using active listening, exploring the personal and emotional issues related to the career development process and uncovering possible obstacles change. You and your counselor will explore your career history, educational background and upcoming goals. A counselor can also help you manage the emotional damage of an unexpected lay off or sudden job-loss.

2. Developing Career Focus: Are you unclear about what direction to take? Are you overwhelmed with career options and choices? Do you find yourself randomly applying for jobs online or on job boards? An experienced, career counselor can help you develop a career focus. Many people can benefit from a thorough evaluation of their career talents/aptitudes, motivators and personality variables. The counselor supports the exploration process and collaboratively, interprets the test results. A co-creative process of discussion and brainstorming ensues. Note: we can help you explore what is important to you, but we do not have a crystal ball.

3. Exploring Career Options: What if all of the career choices sound great? What if none of the choices sound great? What if you are still confused? In this stage, the counselor takes on the added role of educator and helps the client gain a realistic understanding of the tasks involved in career exploration. Additionally, I help clients interpret labor market trends and review 5 year economic forcasts, for their chosen career. There is nothing worse than jumping into a new field, only to discover it is a dying industrty! The career counselor helps the client interpret their career exploration experiences, gaining insight into his or her career identity and fine-tuning their career goals. Each client will need to research a given industry, career or functional area. I encourage my clients’ to meet with professionals in the industries they are considering. Informational Interviews are one of the best methods of learning about a particular career, without actually working in the profession. Additionally, other resources such as books, web sites or job search groups and clubs may be recommended by the counselor.

4. Preparing for Job Search: Where do I begin? I haven’t job-searched in years and everything has changed. Or, how hard can it be? The biggest mistake which most people make, is jumping into a search without any sense of their career direction and without having done any research. Plus, 90+% of jobs are never advertised, so do not wait for a job to be posted online. If a job search begins in a haphazard manner, then your career path will also be haphazard. Do you want to leave this to chance? A good counselor will provide very practical skill development in how to launch a job search. This is a skill you will need throughout your career and the earlier you learn how to do it, the better.

5. Obtaining Employment: Do I have the right type of resume and cover letter? What are the latest interview trends and questions? How can I convince an employer to hire me? How can I job search using Social Media? The counselor supports the client throughout the interview process and helps them prepare for specific positions. I love to help clients conduct a job task analysis and create a targeted plan for their top jobs. Each job posting will have specific requirements and each company will have a unique culture. The counselor can provide support, education and practical advice to meet each clients’ unique needs.

Get a Career Tune-up Today!

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