10 Best, Global Job-Search Posts: Readers’ Choice Awards!

• Fascinated with diverse cultures and want to
work abroad?
• Would you like to ‘go global’ and take your career to the next level?
• Overwhelmed by a global, job-search and need some inspiration?

Read  about global careers, international IQ, and decifer your own global identity. Check out the latest career trend for global professionals - Virtual Career Counseling. Get career advise from the comfort of your home - wherever that home may be! (FAQ's about virtual counseling and traditional counseling).

I love to help my business clients through all of the stages of their careers from: career planning and testing to job search strategy and ongoing, career management. My specialty is in the area of global, career counseling and international, human resources. Having lived and worked in several countries has been both exciting and challenging for me. However, global careers don't just happen. A strategic, action plan is essential and must address the complexities and vagarities of the global, recruitment market. Remember, you will be competing for opportunities with professionals from around the globe.

To help you in your planning process, check out my 10 most popular, Global Job Search posts. These posts contain the true stories of best practices in the field and are based on my most successful, global, business executives.

  10 Best Global Job-Search Posts...

1. Career Direction: Discarded And Cast Adrift In A Challenging Economy

2. Pin the Tail On The Donkey: Random Expat Country Selection

3. What Is Your Stage Of Identity Development? The Increasing Globalization Of The Workplace

4. American Brain Drain = Global Gain: International MBA Students In The USA

5. Interculturally Competent and Considering a Global Business Career?

6. Take your MBA Global! Tips for International Executives

7. Modern Job-Search and Halloween: New Twists on Tradition

8. Impact Of The Economic Stimulus Package On International Job Seekers And H1B Applicants

9. The American Job Search and Cultural Roadblocks: Don’t Get Derailed!

10. Career Testing and Psychometrics: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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