10 Hot Twitter Tools: for your Career Toolbox!

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Look no further...

I love Social Media, and especially love Twitter. For me Twitter is like the Wild West, the way LinkedIn used to be before they implemented so many rules. I've wittled down dozens of Twitter applications to my Top 10 list!  I prefer practical, no-nonsense tools but have also provided a few "fun" Twitter apps. Check out my favorites and use them for your job search, career transition needs and social needs. 

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My Career Managers' Top 10 Favorite Twitter Tools & Apps!

1. twAnswers: Useful research tools. Send your questions to the Twitterverse and get answers fast! Note: do not ask about jobs in online forums like Twitter - unless your boss is cool with your job-search. Otherwise, you may "transition" faster than you expected.

2. Suggestions For You. This feature is similar to Netflix' “like” recommendations for movies. Twitter uses your pre-existing, online, algorithms to make recommendations. Let Twitter tell you what you like...

3. TweetScan will enable you to stay up-to-date with Twitter search trends. Twilert: will email you every time someone tweets with your keywords. I have also set up Google Alerts with my full name and my website name. Each time I am referenced in the news media or via social media - I receive an email alert.

4. Tweetdeck will help you organize your Twitter account, sort contacts into a semblance of an address book and sort your Tweets. Without it, your Twitter account is akin to the junk drawer in your kitchen!

5. Tweet Later This site allows you to create Tweets to send later at a pre-set time. It is the service which is used by social media experts to handle their client accounts. There is a free version and a professional version.You can also time tweets to correspond to times when your peak demographic is online (ie: using Blogger Stats or Google Stats from your website).  I keep meaning to use this, but find myself to be more of an impulsive tweeter...

6. Twitter Job Search feed. Great tool which can help you find job leads in your area. Include your geographic location in the Twitter search. Mention if you are willing to relocate and/or do searches for additional regions. Remember a leads of 25 companies is a bare bones minimum for any serious job-seeker!

7. Listorious is like a Yellow Pages Directory for Twitter. If you are trying to build your personal or professional brand - this is essential! Listorious List Owners will add you to their lists or you can add yourself (if appropriate). I’m on dozens of counseling and career psychology lists. Also, this past year I've created 3 lists of my own : Global-Careers, MBAcareers and Career-Psychology. Feel free to check them out and/or join my topical discussions.

8. TweeTube, you can share captured videos on Twitter. This app is taking advantage of the Youtube explosion. TwitPic is a great way to share photos on Twitter. Disclaimer: remember once your videos and pics are out, online there they will always be out there...

9. Hashtags# Increase the exposure of your tweets using hashtags #. This allows interested readers to search topics by hashtag and find your tweets! A hashtag can also add your comment to a specific, Twitter discussion thread, search topic or Twitter group. It can help you create your online “handle”and personal brand.

10. MicroBlogBuzz: Learn about the most popular links on Twitter and similar services. Keep up to date. Stay in the loop.

Readers' let me know if you have any favorite Twitter apps. Your feedback may inspire a Twitter Tools 2.0 Blogspot post!

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