Salary and Diversity Posts: Readers' Choice Awards

*Wonder if you are being paid fairly?
*Confused about employment contracts?
*Interested in diversity and personal identity issues?
*Want to improve relations with co-workers?

Check out these Readers' favorite posts....

Last month, I posted my first Readers' Choice Awards Top 10 list. Since them, I've received requests for top 10 lists for many other career topics. I've ransacked My Career Managers' secret archives and compiled the Diversity and Salary list for! The diversity posts include: age,  gender, race, ethnicity and orientation. Some posts are stories from the  recruitment trenches, some are inspiring and some go into the 'how to's' of addressing the thorny Salary question.

Salary and Recruiter Posts
 `Pre and Postnuptual’ Agreements: Employment Contracts in The 21st Century

Career Fair Evaluation Scale: How Are Recruiters Evaluating You?

Negotiate Salary like a Pro: Know your BATNA, Resistance Point and Opening Offer

How Much Are You Worth? Top 5 Salary Survey Sites

Negotiate Salary Like A Pro: Know Your BATNA, Resistance Point and Opening Offer!

Diversity: Age/Gender/Race/Ethnicity/Orientation Posts
What Is Your Stage Of Identity Development? The Increasing Globalization Of The Workplace

Are You A Middle Child? Generation X and Adlerian Birth Order or Will Baby Boomers Ever Retire?

Gen X the Sandwich Generation: 10 strategic Hiring and Retention Tips

Readers’ Favorites

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