10 Best Career Transition Posts: Readers' Choice Awards

  • Are you in Career Transition, but lacking a plan?
  • Dealing with emotional, social, and financial issues?
  • Looking for some support, inspiration and humor?
Break into My Career Managers' archive vault! Check out the Top 10 list of the best, Career Transition posts for Career Changers!

A few weeks ago I posted a Readers Choice list of my top 10 Most Popular Career Posts. These posts cover a wide array of career management topics.  I've ransacked My Career Managers' vault, run the numberss and compiled the list (see below)! Here's the top 10 list you asked for - posts about career transtion issues for career changers.Some posts are written as real life snapshops, some are inspiring and some go into the nitty-gritty of changing careers.

Top 10 Career Transition Posts - Readers' Choice Awards.

Career Direction: Discarded And Cast Adrift In A Challenging Economy How can you navigate the turbulent waters of this challenging economy? Should you take any 'JOB' which comes along? How can you find your Career Path and Career Vision?

Career Transition Action Plan (Part I) Wondering if you are playing the job search game correctly? Are you in career transition and overwhelmed? Learn about Career Transition Strategy!

 Career Transition Action Plan (Part II) Overwhelmed with your job-search options? Considering a new, career-direction? Wondering if you have the right skills, knowledge and experience to be competitive? Learn about Career Transition Strategy!

Job Loss Roller-Coaster Of Emotion: (Kubler Ross Model of Grief and Loss) In our society, we provide a lot of emotional support for those who have lost a loved one. However, when someone loses a job, we often hurry them into an active job search. Grief and loss are normal.

How the Hidden Job Market Found Me Pull Method Of Marketing These days everyone is trying to find job-leads, find sales-leads, find any kind of lead! However, if you use the “pull method” of marketing, employers will come to you. Read the true story...

Learn About Networking, From Your Dog: 6 New Networking Ideas. Chester, my brown, Bearded Collie is the best networker I know! He is well-groomed, even tempered, playful, likes to share, friendly and confident. Learn how to network like a pro!

Career Courage - Learn to be Imperfect. Move Forward with your Goals! Do you feel stuck, trapped and confused about your career direction? Are you running out of ideas? Feel fearful about the future? Learn about Adler's Psychological Theory of Courage. Get Unstuck...

Career Transition And 4 Stage Career Planning: Bitten Off More Than You Can Chew? Is your lack of career direction creating chaos? Learn about the 4 stages of Career Planning Process and give your career a Makeover!

Career Testing and Psychometrics: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly When I was in a Senior in high-school, I had some career tests administered to me. I use the word 'tests' loosely as, I use the term 'administered' loosely. My parents were shocked and dismayed when the results said I should be a "Bartender" or "Door to Door Knife Salesperson!"

7 Essential Paper-tools and Social Media Tools for your Job Search Portfolio! (Part II) A resume is not enough! You will need a portfolio of professional paper-tools and job-search tools in traditional format and Web 2.0 format to beat the competition!

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