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The best, very best part of my job is when my clients get hired! There is nothing more gratifying!As a career advisor I know that job search is a process, it is not a Starbucks' Drive- Through experience. I wish I could just hand jobs out to my clients. But the reality involves a mutual partnership between career coach and client and it involves work.

Don't be a Career Statistic! 
What College Career Advisors fear the most is the AWOL student. This is the student who never attends a single career workshop, or job fair, never meets with their advisor and doesn't even create a resume - during their 2 year stint at the business school. Yikes...

These AWOL students often re-emerge about a month before graduation. Then, career center advisors receive an email at midnight on a Saturday night. "Help!" The body of the email often contains something like "I haven't followed up over the past 2 years or done what the career staff advised. But, now I'm desperate, rent is due, student loans are due and I need a job ASAP."

Be a Career Success!
Every year new students arrive on campus, bright eyed and bushy tailed! On their first day on campus, the students receive an all day orientation. The Business Career Advisors are invited to do their song and dance during orientation day.

Last month, I presented my first Career Orientation Workshop of the Summer season, to my newest batch of MBA students. This included information about the career department, online resources, upcoming career workshops and career advising. I also shared some stories of career success and career disaster - all this was done annonymously - of course.

My message was to start early, create a detailed, career action plan and then execute it. As an advisor, I supplement the students search with career support, education and resources. A planned, targeted approach stands in stark contrast to what most people do. Most job seekers go from "I need a job" to the "let me apply to whatever has posted online" method of career planning. Suffice to say, this rarely works.

Well, getting back to the Career Orientation workshop, today I received proof that one of my new students not only listened during orientation, but created and implemented her career plan. She got started early, followed all the advice and landed a job within one month! Remarkable!

Click on the following highlighted URL's to read about 2 of my students' recent achievements. Scroll your mouse over Career Success Story 1 , Career Success Story 2 and other success stories to read all about them. My job seekers achieved career success and you can too!

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Author: © 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Sharon B. Cohen, MA,CPRP, NCDA. Virtual Career Counselor and Career Transition Specialist.

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