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 As a Career Transition Counselor, I have specialized in global job search for business professionals.

I work with a diverse array clients and students from 20 primary business majors and concentrations. Some of my students are local, some are international and many want to “go global.” Working internationally is one of the least understood, most intimidating and most exciting types of career goals.
Of note: just putting a pin in a world map and pointing to a country will not be enough. You will need to refine you search, choose an industry, sector, function and specific job role or title. Also, if you do not speak a second language (fluently), then this career goal will be very challenging. Many of the global executives you will encounter will be multi-lingual and multi-literate. They will have a hard time relating to you as a “peer and colleague” when they hear that you are “unilingual” and have never traveled or worked abroad. 
For the top 20% of global business executives with graduate business degrees - you can search directly. In otherwords, you can contaact the employers in the regions of interest since you have something unique to offer which is hard to find. Many of you can already speak the language of the countries which you are targeting and understand the mindset of the employers in those regions.
Research, research, research. To help expedite the process I’ve compiled a list of online resources and job boards to get you started. The most important thing to analyze from these online sites, is how the jobs are described, the key words and the hiring patterns for various regions. More so than even the posting themeselves, this type of career research will help you uncover jobs and tap into the hidden job market!
Brush up on your intercultural competency and international IQ. Learn what visa’s are required for different countries, learn what resumes are required, learn about interview and job search etiquette on a global scale.
·         H1Base
·         Going Global
·         Big Guide to Living and Working overseas
Private Sector Job Boards:
Search by profession, by country and by sector. Search using the key terms below.
  1. ForeignMBA
  2. GlobalWorkplace
  3. HireDiversity
  7. International Organization for Migration 
Latin America and Caribbean

Middle East and North Africa
 Job Boards By Regions of the World
Asia and Oceania
  1. WallstreetjournalAsia
  3. (CINA) Chinese Info and Networking Assoc
  1. WallstreetjournalEurope
  2. EuroCircle
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Virtual Career Counselor and Career Transition Specialist.
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  1. Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for this, Sharon! I meant to say something about this particular entry last week, when I suggested the international job hunt as an MBA/MIB/GPMBA workshop.

  3. Working internationally is one of the least understood, most intimidating and most exciting types of career goals.