MBA Resume Fashion Makeovers!

  • Wonder if your current resume is any good?
  • Is it worth the paper it's written on?
  • Want some detailed tips - to get noticed?

Let me share some of my best resume tips! As someone who works with up to 1,000 business professionals and students a semester - I have reviewed my share of resumes. I note styles, formats and content that get's noticed and what is discarded!

Sharon's Resume Tips - your personal "Career Manager!"

-18-20 font on name
-Use student email address for contact information
-Phone numbers should be spaced like: 555.444.444
-Attach LinkedIn hyperlink next to contact information
Summary/Positions sought:
-One/two lines, tightly written, highlight experience in the field that you worked in.
-Three positions sought, "Title-Title-Title"   i.e: Human Resources Manager-Project Management-Professional Recruiter
Experience: Make the resume reviewer happy. If you worked for an obscure company, they will have to copy, cut and paste the company name in a browser to find out about you.
-Instead, create a Hyperlink for companies which you worked for (the name to the official website)
-Summary per job position. Don't add old jobs, over 10 years old. Use quantitative data which explains your results and projects in which you made an impact.

-Summary of each position should highlight areas that are central to desired next position. Don't just do a laundry list of responsibilities and duties.
-Make sure a key word search is completed of positions that may be sought (to help your resume to be found in online searches, by applicant tracking software).
Languages &/or International Experience:
Detailed: Fluent or conversational. State if you are bilingual or biliterate. Be factual.
Software skills:
Detailed: Type of programs used and skill level:  intermediate, proficient or advanced  (i.e. list: Advanced in MS Office, Project)  Listing MS Office if you have a graduate degree, is just plain silly. This is assumed. If you are a techie, break this down into hardware, software, OS and platforms. Don't just lump together a list.

Do not list "References Available" as companies will request that information if needed. Also, if you are a professional, it is assumed that you have references. Create a separate reference page. Ask references if you can still use them, send them your latest resume and a Thank you card.
Thick, with watermark if possible. Yes, recruiters and resume screeners  still print resumes. We often do the touch test. If it feels like cheap photocopy paper - what does this tell us about the applicant? Will they also have low standards with our clients?
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