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Hello Readers,

More, more, more!  Many of my readers have been writing in whenever there is a lull in my blog posts for this site. Thank you! Rest assured, I am always writing - either for my own site or for other sites. How can you find my other content?

Other readers have written me in alarm and surprise after seeing my posts on another career blogsite or website. Hopefully, it is a post which was attributed to me! (if not, let me know)

Good news - my career posts are hosted on 600+ nationally syndicated sites. See details below. Learn how to access my hot posts on the latest career issues!

Below are the main sites for which I author career content and write blog posts.These sites are nationally, syndicated and come up in many searches related to my name. For all aspiring blog writers, I would highly recommend posting for multiple sites or sites which provide broad exposure. This exposure could be very valuable in attracting new business and new clients.

About Sharon B. Cohen
My post articles are syndicated on 600 Career websites (from the 4 mega-sites below)
  • Fill in the blank_______ with the name of your city ie: or
  • To read my posts, go to the Author Section and type Sharon B. Cohen (for major American Cities) (for major American Cities) (for major American Cities)

Diversity____jobs (for major American Cities)

Best wishes for my readers and aspiring blog writers!

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