LinkedIn: Reverse Directory Reference Check for Job Seekers!

  • Do you want to find employers?
  • Do you want to do company research like a professional?
  • Are you missing the information you need for an effective job search?
Learn how to perform a blind, reverse directory check! Find company contacts and learn company intel...

What tools does LinkedIn offer for checking references?

LinkedIn has a reference check tool which is available exclusively for Premium Account holders with Business, Business Plus and Pro accounts and job-posters. Did you know that companies who post jobs can use LinkedIn to immediately run reference searches on job applicants?

You may want to consider an upgraded account so you can access these hot features and tools.

What does the LinkedIn Reference Check do?

Employers and Companies:
If you are in Human Resources you may want to get a realistic view of a candidates references. Select one of the companies which a candidate listed on their resume. Input the range of time when the candidate worked there. Your search will find the people who worked at the company during the same time period as your candidate. If you contact these individuals, you may get a more realistic view of the candidate.

Job Seekers:
Companies will check your references before hiring you. However, have you ever thought of checking your prospective manager’s references? Interviewees don’t ask a potential boss for references. But with LinkedIn's reference check tool, you can find out more about a potential boss.
  • Research the employers BEFORE the interview.
  •  Improve your interview quality.
  • Gauge the health of a company.
You can also find the person who used to have the job that you’re interviewing for. Input the job title and company and uncheck “current titles only.” Learn about what is really going on in the company

Perform an advanced search. Input a company's name and uncheck the “current companies only” box. Check out the staff turnover rate and get their opinions about a company’s prospects.

Competitive Industry Intelligence:
If you’re thinking of investing in accompany or working in a sector, use LinkedIn to do research on competitive intelligence and industry employees.

Track New Business Startups:
Who is creating startups in your network? Conduct an advanced keyword search. For instance, use the search term -  “new startup.” Apply the “sort by” filter to “degrees away from you.” View  the results to see the people closest to you first.


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