"Help, I have 3 Job Offers - MBA True Story!"

Today I received an email from one of my MBA students who just landed his dream job! He is truly a success story and an all around nice guy. I have his permission to share his story with my readers. How did he do it?

Read his email about the final few weeks of his job-search. It shows the stamina and effort involved in a modern job-search.

Finding a new job should be a well-planned, intentional process. I teach my clients and students the best methods for launching an effective job-search. I also support my clients through the ups and downs and the  Emotional Rollercoaster of Job Search.

My Professional MBA student attended school in the evenings and worked full-time. He was able to tap into the hidden job market using multiple job-search methods and channels. He prepared for his job search by attending my Business Career Course over the Spring and Summer, then launched his search this Fall.  Here is what happened during the last few weeks of his job search!


I wanted to recap the insanity of the last two weeks for the career team, since I know you track these things. It all ends with really good news :)

End of last month, I applied for a job with Company X for their MBA job-program. They scheduled interviews for me on a Tuesday/Wednesday and flew me out of state to their corporate headquarters. The same week, Company Y also invited me to interview Thursday/Friday at their corporate headquarters out of state. Company Y even had a car and driver waiting for me at the airport and offered VIP service all the way."   I met Company Z at the National Black MBA Career Fair. They interviewed me on the spot. They also offered to fly me to their corporate headquarters for final interviews. I was at the Atlanta airport 3 times this week!

How did I find these job leads?
  • A classmate told me about Company X and forwarded my resume to a contact who was an interviewer. The Career Team at my University also followed up with this company on my behalf. I received an interview!
  • I attended a University Alumni Networking event 2 months ago. I saw that my career coach Sharon was chatting to an alumni from Company Y and she introduced me. 
  • When I attended the National Black MBA conference  the following week, I saw this alumni again. He introduced me to his Human Resource team who then interviewed me on the spot for 2 hours - back to back! 
  • I attended their company dinner mixer and went to their breakfast event the next day. 
Sequence of Events and Interviews:
  1. Monday during the day, an interviewer at Company X called and offered me the position (!).
  2. Monday night, Company Y called and said I wasn't moving forward the next round.
  3. Tuesday, Company Z called and invited to fly me to final interviews out of state. I declined to interview for a job at their out of state location.
  4. I called Sharon -  my career coach and set up an emergency, advising appointment. We reviewed the results from my Career Leader Test. It helped me tremendously and enabled me to really consider what I need in a job. Sharon also coached me on salary negotiations based on labor market research for these industries.
  5. Wednesday, I made my decision. I called Company X and negotiated for additional salary very fluidly (thank you Sharon!!!).
  6. Thursday, the interviewer from Company X called back and offered me a higher salary! This job is in line with my goals and is for 3 times my current salary. I verbally accepted the offer and will be signing documents after this email!
Hopefully the above summary helps the career center track these things. I cannot thank you all enough for the persistent investment you all have made for my new career path! I couldn't have done it without you.  Career Team - please mark me as employed :)  I've been waiting a while to say that!


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