The Big 4 Social Media Sites (Part II): Digital Athens Conference

Sharon B. Cohen presenting Career Workshop
Here is Part II of this series. Check out my tips for Google+ and LinkedIn optimization for job seekers!

I've developed Social Media Audit Checklists for the Big 4 sites. I use these custom checklists in conversations with my career coaching clients. During individual sessions, I assist clients with building their personal brand and  increasing traffic on their websites.

As a result of my work, I was invited as a guest speaker at the "Digital Athens Technology Conference" in Athens GA. One of my audience members - Stephanie Schmidt summarized my workshop content very succinctly on her own blog.


  • Create a Google+ profile page with an image or head-shot
  • Purchase your own domain name
  • Monitor and sweep your “Digital Dirt”
  • Regularly check referring pages for wrong or embarrasing information
  • Make your profile free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors

  • Have a Vanity URL and customized headline statement
  • Have an appropriate, non-studio head-shot 
Include an OCR-optimized summer that contains keywords related to your career goals
  • Your education sections hold include information about your schools’ ranking
  • Your accomplishment statements should demonstrate the use of key skills
  • Have appropriate privacy settings–do not make your activity broadcasts public
  • Interact with your target people, brands and companies
  • Have 50+ quality connections and 3+ recommendations
  • Your profile should be free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors
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