The Big 4 Social Media Sites (Part I): Digital Athens Conference

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I love working with business clients to build their online brand and customize their social media sites. I've developed 4 *Social Media Audit Checklists to expedite the process and was asked to present this at the "Digital Athens Technology Conference" in Athens GA. 

My workshop was on my Audit Checklists for the Big 4 Social Media Sites. One of my audience members - Stephanie Schmidt summarized my workshop content very succinctly on her own blog.  

Stephanie Schmidt - 
Digital Athens, the annual summit concerning all things digital and social was hosted at the University of Georgia on March 21st. I gave up my Friday morning and afternoon to attend workshops of panelists and speakers who gave insight and advice into the industry. This years summit was surrounded by the idea of compiling a virtual “tool kit” that would leave attendees ready to take on the digital world. 
One of the most memorable speakers of the day was Sharon B. Cohen, career consultant for MBA students at the University of Georgia. She shared horror stories of recruiters hiring employees based off number of Twitter Followers, LinkedIn Recommendations or their attitude used in a Yelp Reviews. If those stories don’t make students everywhere reconsider their social strategies, her audit checklists certainly did. Mrs. Cohen went platform by platform, depicting the must-haves for fully optimizing each network. Below, are Mrs. Cohen’s audits for the big four networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn:

  • Include an optimized photo and unique page image
  • Your page profile and about me section should reflect your personal brand –use keywords and be consistent
  • Include education and work sections that reflect your current, career goals
–include projects and conferences you attend.
  • Update and monitor your news feed highlights and posts
  • Make your privacy settings appropriate
  • Have 50+ quality connections
  • Interact regularly with your target people, brands and companies–follow companies and brands you are interested in and would like to work for

  • Your Twitter Handle or @username should reflect
  • your personal brand. Claim your name early!
  • Optimize your profile header images and create a professional bio
  • Select a branded theme to tie in with your usage goals
  • Post creative content and attract new followers
  • Have an appropriate follower to following ratio. Follow users back.
  • Check your @mentions and respond frequently
  • Make your privacy and interaction settings appropriate
  • Make your profile free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors
  • Interact regularly with your target people, brands and companies 

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